The mission of the Blue Ridge Cattlemen’s Association (Association) is to represent all aspects of Loudoun, Clarke, Fauquier (VA ) & Jefferson (WV) Counties’ cattle industry and to foster, promote and protect an environment conducive to profitable beef production through educational workshops, services, activities and policy formation. In addition to its educational and promotional activities, the Association provides opportunities for producer fellowship and the sharing of ideas and production techniques among its members.

The Association is a not for profit organization of beef producers that represents cattlemen and women who raise cattle in Loudoun, Clarke, Fauquier (VA ) & Jefferson (WV) Counties. The Association strives to promote understanding and cooperation in the Counties and in the Virginia and West Virginia cattle industries for the common interests of both producers and consumers. It coordinates and arranges meetings, tours, and other activities in an effort to promote goodwill and communication in and for the cattle industry.